A little about Queer & Company

Hello everyone! I am thankful you stopped to read the blog! I figured I should start with an introduction of the people behind Queer & Company. 

My name is Aaron (in the left on the photo below). I'm from Auburn, Alabama (born and raised!) and I am a 24 year old, gay, married, plus size, Episcopalian, sassy screen printer. I've always been more left brained, that's why I love graphic shirts and merchandising. I get to make things that are aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Whether that's graphics for a new shirt or just the daily posts I make for Instagram. It's fun! If I could do this all day and support myself, I'd totally do it which is why I am here! 

Hey, I'm Seth, (on the right) and also the right brain thinker in our marriage! It's true, opposites attract. I am a music teacher, musical enthusiast, opera singer, show choir snob, baritone.  🤣  Aaron is the creative genius, I help with logistics. I may have an idea here and there, but he creates it all. He's the brains, I'm just the arm candy.  💪 

Together we make up Queer & Company. We're starting very slowly but one day we hope to expand the capibilities of what Queer & Company can do. We have a lot of ideas and we hope to make some dreams come true. We want to make a living and give back to the community to provide others with the same opportunities we are given. 

Much love,

Queer & Company

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